Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Modern May-Island Batik challenge

 May is our Modern challenge for all the Island Batik ambassadors.  I have really been sucked in by all the modern quilting for a few years now. So as soon as I knew we would be doing a modern challenge again, I started thinking of what I wanted it to look like.  I was inspired by an Anka's Treasure's Mini Charmer pattern.

Spoolin Around is the Batik 5" Island Stamp pack of fun bright colors I chose to use for this 15"x 40" table runner. The green is from a 10" Island Stack and the neutral background is also one of their lovely batiks.
 Island Batik is back from Market and you can view all the gorgeous new fabrics they debuted in their Spring catalog HERE.
Recently I acquired some new quilting rulers for my longarm, so I thought this would be the perfect time to try out a couple of them. You can find more info on them HERE.  I used Aurifil thread for the piecing of this runner.  A first for me was to use two layers of Hobbs 80/20 in this runner, I really wanted some dimension to the quilting and I got it!  It works great for a table runner, but, I don't think I would want this for a bed quilt-not enough drape.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Charms on point

The charm pack, Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell for Moda, was one of my winnings last year.  I thought it appropriate to make into a cute little donation quilt. Making it #11 for H2H.  The purple is Kona eggplant(I think).  

The lattice strips I cut at 1.75".  After adding some setting triangles I bordered the whole quilt with a 3" border.
 Since there were flowers in the charm pack I wanted to quilt it with a freehand allover swirl flower in a matching purple Signature thread.

A chartreuse strip was added to a purple backing to make it large enough.  There was just enough eggplant to make the binding.  Since it was a cold rainy weekend I was able to get this finished up and will be linking with Sarah for the finale linky party for H2H quilts.  How are you doing with your H2H quilts? 

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Stay tuned for my Modern May Island Batik project coming this week!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My tenth H2H finish!

I am so happy to report this is my tenth finish of a H2H quilt!!  Sarah gave me the inspiration to get busy and finish up a bunch of quilts I had started, thanks Sarah for organizing the H2H drive.

This quilt doesn't have a name as I was just playing around in EQ7 and came up with this.

Edited to say-I was informed this was like the Warm Wishes that Quiltmaker magazine published many years ago.

 A little fun flower design using a variegated Star thread in orange and yellow was the perfect combo to compliment the fabrics.   The back needed to be a bit wider, therefore, I added the yellow strip.  To finish it off, I used a bit of each fabric for the binding.

This week is the finish it up linky party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for all the H2H quilts that we have made. It is sure to be a grand party so don't miss out!!

This quilt is also on my 2nd quarter FAL 2017 list.  I will be linking at She Can Quilt at the end of the quarter.  I only have 3 left to finish this quarter!!  I have been a lean mean quilting machine the past couple months, so happy to have lots out of my closet and passing quilty hugs out to several people!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Last two wiggles

These are the last two Wiggle Time quilts that are part of my FAL17 goals.  I feel like I have been a quilting and binding maniac this past month. But it's all good for sure.  These are ones that I have worked on during Sarah's H2H project. These quilts along with several others will be donated in honor of H2H.  
Just a simple dog bone meander made for a quick finish.

The backing is a brushed nylon and using it with a low loft poly batting it is so soft and cuddly.  I had a stripe for the binding in the stash that worked perfectly. 

 I love working with the bright fabrics, but these pastels were so calming for a change. 

 The sun is shining so bright today that it made it hard to get good photos!  I used the dong bone meander in the background and the wishbone design in the purple, green, pink and yellow sections.  You should be able to click on the picture for a larger peek;)

How are you doing on your H2H projects?  It's not too late to whip one or two up.
The Wiggle Time pattern can be found at Cynthia's.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The last Freefall blocks done and RSC17

All my blocks have been sewn for the Freefall QAL hosted by Sandra.  I hope to have it all done the next time you see it.  I have a few commitments next week that have to get done and some daycare for the youngest grandson most likely, so we'll see how soon I can get to it.

For some reason these last blocks took some brain thinking for me, I think it had to do with the split colors in the the background and making sure they were all in the right spot.  I purposely didn't cut these leaves out as I wasn't sure what colors I would want after getting all the others in place. So glad I did it that way.  I am loving how it is turning out!

And my green blocks are done for RSC this month, along with linking these to Scraptastic Tuesday!

Linking at MMM linking party for the Freefall QAL
And Angela at Super scrappy for RSC17

Wishing all mothers every where a Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Retreat finishes-OMG-stipple tutorial

On Tuesday a blogger friend from an hour north of me came to visit and stay with me for a few days so we could immerse ourselves in quilting and chatter.  We both were successful with that, especially the chatter part,  LOL.   Oh you are wondering who that blogger friend is are you, hehe.   It's Wendy who blogs at Pieceful Thoughts.  She is now safely tucked away at her own home now, but it was a blast, and hope she will want to do it again some day!

When I met Wendy for the first time a couple months ago she gave me this pack of Alice in Wonderland fabric. So I  added the pastel solid pink, and the blue in the 9 patches and whipped up this baby quilt with it, got it quilted and then I bound it while she was here. I plan to donate this to our local neonatal unit.  

I tried out a swirl design that has a rounded corner in the center rather that sharp points. It was fun to try something different.   I had just enough Alice fabric to do a scrappy binding to complete it.

I felt like a binding maniac for a couple of the days Wendy was here, I had lots of runners and 3 quilts to bind. I got lots of them done, but there are still a few more for another day or maybe week, I am rather sick of binding right now.  I did piece a round wedge topper to change it up a bit!

 This quilt is getting sent to a friend in Ohio to give to a kids' camp called Flying Horse Farms, a place for kids to go and forget they are sick for a while.  My friend in Ohio did something nice for me and I am paying it back by donating this to a camp she is passionate about.

The design is from a Missiouri Star tutorial for disappearing pinwheel in a churndash.   I chose to do a simple allover stipple in a variegated green,blue and dash of yellow Signature thread.  This quilt is also my May One Monthly Goal(OMG) quilt which I made all with scraps.  So I will be linking up at Elm Street Quilts at the end of the month. 

After posting my little tutorial for Squiggle and Wiggle quilting design, Bonnie asked for a drawing of how I stipple.  White board to the rescue again:)   I try to use a dog bone shape when I stipple, however, sometimes I like to vary it up a bit.  Some people say they tend to start off with one size stipple and end up with a different  size.  If you purposely do a variety of sizes it tends to blend in better when done.  Each loop of the dog bone does not need to be the same size and shape as you will see in my drawing.  Hope this helps Bonnie!

I have to say that I was a horrible quilter using my sewing machine, I had just learned to stipple a teensy tinsy bit(like 2 table toppers worth) and didn't enjoy it one bit. I never liked sit down quilting.  Then I bought my first frame set up and wow, that was what I felt comfortable with.  And that is still true to this day, 13 years later!  Where has the time gone, it's crazy thinking I have been doing frame quilting that long.  Each and every one of us enjoys doing things differently and that is okay in my book, do what works for you!

Stay tuned for the next week or so to see other retreat finishes.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Squiggles and Wiggles

Yesterday there were a few people interested in my squiggle and wiggle quilting on the Spiderman quilt. Here is a drawing from my white board to help you better understand how to execute it.

When doing this on a quilt I try to keep my lines 3/4" apart, but, that will vary depending where you are at. Don't stress over it as it will all blend in at the end anyway.  If you visualize a topographical map it may also help you stitch this out.  So just start stitching making some squiggles and wiggles and through in a swirl with a rounded end and work your way back out echoing as you go.  You may echo as much as you want before starting a new path. I love stitching this out as it is very forgiving and free flowing and the texture it leaves is amazing!

Hope this helps, if you have any questions just leave me a comment and make sure you are not a no reply blogger so I can get back to you.

Our visitor on Friday night, strutting his stuff right in the front yard-there was a lady nearby that he was trying to impress.

Isn't he beautiful!  The blue on his head was just stunning in person.

Today I am getting ready for a little quilt retreat with a blog friend at my house this week! See ya soon Wendy!!  I'll share more with all of you later this week :)

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two more done

That is two more done for H2H.  I have had these quilted for a few weeks and just didn't get around to the binding until now.  And it happened to be a beautiful sunny day for pic's too.

The burgundy fabric with animals was donated to me last year and I added the solid gray to come up with this small lap size quilt.  

 I loved doing this allover freehand quilting design, so fun and forgiving-give it a try you will like it!
You just make your own path by wiggling and squiggling and echo it until you want a new path.

The definition of the quilting on the back, which is fleece, is amazing.  There is no batting inside this quilt.  The fleece back is warm and makes the quilt so cuddly. 

Spiderman is a preprinted panel to which I added the red and yellow checkerboard borders on th top and bottom to get some length to this lap size quilt.

I kept the quilting really simple with a allover stipple pattern. I think some little boy will love it.  This also has navy fleece on the back with no batting.  The bindings were attached with the sewing machine on the front, whipped to the back and SID on the front side.  I do most every binding this way, much faster.  After doing so many, I have my machine settings down so I get pretty good results. 

Linking with Sarah for H2H check in on May 7th.  This makes seven for H2H that I have done!!  I had lost count so I was suprised:)  It feels so good to give a quilty hug to people who really need one. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pinwheel in a Churn Dash

A Missouri Star tutorial that I just had to do with some older dark green and blue fabric that has been hiding out in my stash.  It was a fun block to whip up and before long I had enough for a quilt.  I started it in November last year and finished piecing in January. Time to get this baby quilted and bound, so I will use the OMG motivation to help me get 'er done.

You can find more information on the One Monthly Goal (OMG) at Elm Street Quilts  where I will be linking up.

Keeping my post short is helping me have more time to quilt more things to show you soon!  This week is all about quilting up table runners for the fall craft shows. Some new and some that are repeats of other years. They keep selling I keep re-making them :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Whoo hoo, another FAL 2017 finish for second quarter!!  I figure while I am in the mood I better check another off the list😊  There is also the push to finish this up for a donation quilt for H2H.  My H2H donations will go to the local Project Linus. 

 I did a simple stipple allover free hand for the quilting and used a variegated yellow orange Coats and Clark Star thread.  Keeping the quilting simple allows me to get more done. 

The pattern is Scooter which I found free at FortWorth Fabrics.  I did add another row to this quilt. 

I think most of the fabric got used up by piecing the back.  I didn't get a good shot of the binding, but it is the orange checked.

Keeping my post short as I do want to move onto the next one!

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I will be linking with FAL at the end of the quarter.  You can find my 2nd quarter goal list Here.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Wigglin' Monkeys

I am feeling good about my accomplishments again. I seem to go in streaks of finishing a bunch of things and then just working on lots of things at once and not finishing any.  This Wiggle Time has monkey fabric for the background and the yellow and brown were scraps left from other projects.  

 This design is more elongated than my favorite hook swirl, but is still very fun and quick to do. 

Monkeys are wiggling their way onto the back also.  They will also wiggle their way to Project Linus for the H2H drive.   

This is another of my 2nd quarter goals for FAL, which brings my total done to 4 already!

Last Wednesday a friend came over to help me go through my bin of neutral scraps to make another string quilt sewn on phonebook pages.  Here is her handi work...  As she pressed I had her hang them onto a clothes drying rack.  Now mind you, this didn't even make a teeny dent in my bin!

Here is my 12 blocks I managed to get done after I cut a bunch of different sizes of squares for other projects. 

Here is my total since Wednesday-30 blocks.

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Friday, April 28, 2017


 Cheerful is the name of the pattern by A Bright corner. I just thought it was a fun quilt and I had to make it this past February. Completing it by quilting and binding this is my One Monthly Goal for April.  

This one just had to have custom quilting. I do admit I previously thought I would do something entirely different for the quilting. But the day before I put it on the frame, I got to thinking I would look to the fabric for inspiration and this blue block with flowers got me to thinking.  See the flowers on it, that is what got me thinking of choosing two flower designs and treat the block as one instead of individual designs in each section of the block.  Much easier to execute and less starts and stops. Do you ever let your fabric talk to you?

Here is the other flower design. 

The tools and thread used throughout this quilt.

Love when I have backing in my stash that just works perfectly!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A wiggle for H2H

I finished another quilt for my donation for H2H, it is called Wiggle Time. The pattern is by Cynthia. If you have never tried her pattern, you should! I love the ease and quickness of this one. This is also another one knocked off my Q2 list for FAL 2017.  That makes 3 out of 11 done for me-feeling good I am!
So the fabric and the quilting are nothing special, but it is done and it will comfort someone in need.

                          I needed a bit wider backing and so I used up the leftover bits from the front.

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Hope everyone is having a productive week!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It's time to link up to Step 3 of the Freefall QAL that Sandra at MMMquilts is hosting. My Step 3 blocks are the ones with the black background.  Not sure if they are all placed in their final resting spot, but, you get the idea.

Looking forward to seeing all the finishes in a few weeks!  Stay tuned.

I leave you with a bit of spring from my yard...

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